Lite DePalma Greenberg investigates insurance overcharges by USAA

USAA Inflated Homeowner Insurance Policy Premiums

Did USAA recently reduce the replacement cost value of your home without reimbursing you for excess premium payments made prior to the correction? If so, contact us by completing this form or call us directly at (973) 877-3815.

Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC is investigating complaints that, in connection with underwriting homeowners insurance policies in New Jersey, USAA has been intentionally inflating the replacement cost of homes for decades in order to artificially increase the premiums it collects on those policies.

Our investigation indicates that USAA recognizes that its replacement cost calculations are grossly inaccurate for many people living in the State, and that the insurer may be in the process of reducing homeowners’ coverage levels to more appropriate levels as a corrective action. Though premiums may fall as much as 50% for some, USAA is refusing to reimburse any of the excess premium payments made by homeowners prior to the change.

If you have a Preferred Protection Policy with USAA and you live in New Jersey, please contact Lite DePalma Greenberg, LLC with your questions about our investigation.

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